Mortician License in Rhode Island

While you can’t get a mortician license in Rhode Island, you can get a funeral practitioner license or a funeral director and embalmer license. Both of these licenses are regulated by the Rhode Island Division of Professional Regulation, State Health Department.

To qualify for a funeral practitioner you will need to earn your associate’s degree and complete an apprenticeship. There aren’t any continuing education requirements for funeral practitioner license holders in Rhode Island.

If you are interested in getting a funeral director and embalmer license, you must earn your high school diploma and associate’s degree or complete 60 credit hours of classes at an accredited mortuary science school. Regardless of which educational path you choose, you will be required to pass the national board exam. For this license you will also need to complete an apprenticeship. To maintain your funeral director and embalmer license in this state you will need to complete five credit hours of continuing education classes each year in addition to three hours of OSHA training.

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