Mortuary Science Degree

Mortuary science is the field of study that prepares someone to work as a mortician or funeral director. This branch of science encompasses the study of the human body, and more specifically, the preservation of it.
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Working as a Mortician

Morticians work in funeral homes to help families plan and carry out funerals and burial services. They often meet with families to discuss their needs and wants, and then provide services like casket selection. Sometimes funeral directors help families by coordinating other services like flower arrangements, program printing and catering.

Most morticians work in a family-run business. However, not all morticians take over a family business. When you earn your degree as a mortician, you will be able to apply for a job as a funeral director or mortician in many places across the country.

Some morticians decide to open their own funeral home. Opening your own funeral home is an excellent and rewarding form of entrepreneurship. With this career path you will oversee many aspects of a business like marketing, accounting, human resources and hiring. You will be responsible for setting goals for the funeral home and then leading employees so your business can meet those goals.

Morticians have very interesting careers. Much of their time is spent working with the family and friends of someone who has passed away. They also spend time making sure their funeral home has the services people need.

Funeral homes generally have a casket selection room, a chapel and office space. Some funeral homes have other rooms for meeting with clients and hosting funerals. Your job will be to make sure each of these spaces is running smoothly and offers quality services.

Qualifications for Working as a Mortician

People who make good morticians are sensitive people who are able to communicate clearly. Morticians work with people who are going through a difficult period in their life, and they need to be able to help these people make decisions and find closure as they remember and memorialize their loved one. As you work through this process you will need to be sensitive to peoples’ feelings and be able to communicate with them to meet their needs and to do your job.

Sometimes morticians are asked to speak at funerals, so they need to have public speaking skills and be confident when they speak in front of large groups of people.

Morticians understand the importance of preserving memories. They understand that people want to remember their family members and friends are skilled at finding ways to help people do this.

Earning a Mortuary Science Degree

Becoming a mortician is as simple as any other career and requires an actual degree. Earning your mortuary science degree is the best way to start your career as a mortician or funeral director. A degree will help you be more competitive as you search for a job and may even help you earn more money. Employers look for and value applicants who are highly educated, and a degree will show a potential employer that you have the knowledge necessary to do well as a mortician.

A mortuary science degree program will include classes in science, human anatomy, biology, chemistry, preservation and funeral planning, among other subjects. One of these degree programs at an accredited mortician school will teach you the science and art behind mortuary science so you can be a successful mortician.

Depending on the degree program you enroll in, you may also learn about what it takes to manage and run your own funeral home. You’ll learn the business aspects of a funeral home and you’ll learn how to earn money doing something you love.

Enrolling in a mortuary science degree program is an excellent way to start a new career.

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