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Morticians, also known as funeral directors, have the important job of assisting families as they plan funerals and then overseeing the service. People with this job are personable and understand the importance of looking to history and preserving memories.

Professional morticians are also able to handle sensitive and difficult situations in a professional and understanding way. They can quickly assess someone’s needs, and then follow through with the necessary steps to help that person. Morticians are also strong communicators and don’t mind speaking in public.
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For people that lose a loved one, it is extremely important that they get to work with someone who understands his or her loss and is able to help them through a sensitive time while still taking care of necessary tasks like planning a funeral and burial. This is why mortician jobs are so important and valued.

Mortician Careers

People who work as morticians usually work at funeral homes or crematories. This is a full-time career and sometimes requires work during holidays or over weekends.

If you work as a mortician, you can work at an existing funeral home or you can start your own funeral home as an entrepreneur. Both career paths are very rewarding and have their benefits.

Why Choose a Mortician Career?

Working as a mortician may not sound like a dream career, but it has many benefits. If you are the type of person that likes to honor other people, remember life accomplishments, make memories and preserve history, this job would be an excellent fit for you.

Morticians are fulfilled by their job each day as they help others remember and say goodbye to their loved ones. They get to feel accomplished, needed and helpful as they help families plan and carry out funeral and memorial services for some of the most important people in their lives.

Every single day on the job will be fulfilling, as you help people when they need help the most, and touch people’s lives forever.

If you work as a full-time mortician, you’ll also enjoy benefits like a solid salary and health, vision and dental insurance. Mortician careers are also stable, since this is a position communities will always have a need for.

Starting a Successful Career as a Mortician

To start a career as a mortician, or funeral director, you’ll need to earn your degree. Most morticians have an associate’s degree in mortuary science, and some go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mortuary science.

Both of these degree programs will prepare you for the science portion as well as the business aspect of the job. It normally takes between two and four years to earn this degree, and when you graduate, you will be well prepared for your career.

Many colleges offer online degree programs so you can keep up with your current job or other responsibilities while you go to school. Online classes are an extremely convenient way of earning your degree, since you can do it on your own time and you can enroll in almost any school, regardless of where you live.

Online mortuary science programs are unique because they are a blend of science and business classes. When you enroll in an online program, you’ll be required to take classes in biology, anatomy, chemistry, pathology, physiology, art restoration and embalming. But, you’ll also be required to take business management courses to prepare you for the business aspect of running or working in a funeral home.

Some people who become morticians have also gained experience working in funeral homes or doing internships. Like most careers, gaining related experience and networking in the industry will help you start your career faster.

Most states require morticians to be licensed, which requires earning a mortuary science degree. When you earn your degree, you’ll be setting yourself up for success as a licensed professional and as a mortician that excels at his or her job.
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